Ken Bryant said...

Great expression! Two ways the face might have been better separated from the background:

(1) shoot from lower angle, so all/part of face has sea/sky as background;

(2) shoot with lens wide open, so background is out of focus.

J. Evan Kreider said...

Great ideas, both, thanks! Since it's getting harder for me to get down (and then back up), I'll have to add the f2.8 setting more often to my shooting. I certainly could have, had I only been thinking, and can now identify a number of shots that this idea would have helped.

This was taken on the sly at a wedding with my new 100mm macro, which may become a favourite lens. It seems to be reasonably sharp. But now that you mention it, I see all the confusion detracting from her face, and particularly her illuminated hair. Thanks!

Tony Funk said...

Hi Evan. I am intrigued by her expression, especially her lips and eyebrows. This combined with her outfit and earrings made me wonder why a beautiful woman was on the beach looking so perplexed (not the right word...).