Backstage Old Aud


Ken Bryant said...

You know what, this shot -- shooting past the nearby open doors toward this distant complexity of the machinery -- is backwards (he says in his most opinionated fashion). The brightest, biggest part of the picture his of course the open sections of wall; our eyes overwhelmed by these, we barely see the intricate and interesting (but small and dark) machine sitting in the corner.

If you can get access again, take a very wide angle lens, stand near the machinery so all its complexity fills up your whole foreground, and THEN let those bright open panels over their be your background.

J. Evan Kreider said...

I shot and processed this, pushing the darks to blacks, thinking solely of the reflections as they merged into the real. At the time, I regretted ever going digital because I imagined that mid-sized film could give more exposure values. HRD might be artificial by comparison, but this shot seems to call for that type of help.