superfrog saves tokyo

Manami Hara, Tetsuro Shigematsu and Leina Dueck, in 'after the quake' by Haruki Murakami, adapted by Frank Galati, co-presented by Pi Theatre and Rumble Productions, November 19-December 5, 2009 at Studio 16 in Vancouver

Dream Tryst

The Biblicist


Silent Curse


Buoy 22

Elegance on a Bus


Candles at Laon Cathedral, France

Blog Rules

This blog is devoted to monochrome photographs such as black and white, sepia and other monochrome colours as well as photographs which are essentially monochrome even though using bi-levels (but not monochrome photographs including additional colour/s identifiable as such).

It is hoped that excellent photographers will be willing to post their best monochrome work here, both for the pleasure of the followers of this blog and to call attention to their personal photography sites. Interested photographers should provide us the URL showing their monochrome work. We do not mind if work has already been posted elsewhere, for excellent work deserves the very widest distribution. Contributors should ensure that a photograph's largest dimension be not less than 900 pixels so that when visitors click on posted photographs, they can examine them in considerably more detail than most sites promote. However, if a photograph has been conceived with a smaller size in mind, that is also appropriate.

Thoughtful and constructive comments of substance are coveted and will be retained. However, visitors and contributors alike quickly tire of "Wow!" "nice work", "great clouds", "wish I could do that", "neat title" and other equally vacuous comments which remind one of dogs attempting to let their kind know they recently visited. We most welcome artistic and technical suggestions so that photographers can learn both by example and counsel.