Into the Unknown, Uluru, Australia


J. Evan Kreider said...

Ok, how did you get these effects? I see a blurring around the edges, possibly a polarizing of the sky. Help us follow the process (and thanks for the photos!)

Mark Kreider said...

Thank you for accepting authorship on our blog, Tony. Your excellent photography shows exactly the kind of talent we were hoping to attract. I shall learn a great deal from you and Evan. Your contributions have already brought more scope to our blog!

Tony Funk said...

Hello gents,
Well Evan, I really can't remember how I did this. I know that I converted it from colour to B&W. Then, I went into Nik Software and used some of their filters. I know that the fuzzy edges was created by one of the vignette options. I also remember using a filter but which colour? Also, I remember brushing extra sharpening onto the leaves of the trees - I may even burned the shadows between the branches. OK, so I did remember!