It's been quite a while since my last post...maybe years.

Some frost this past winter (unusually warm though it was).
Perhaps I should mention I have some new gear.  I traded in my old Pentax K10D and bought a Canon 5D MKII.  My bank account allows for only two lenses at this point, a 1.4 50mm and a 1.8 85mm.


England & Scotland

Hello Evan et.al  Sorry about the mass posting.  Here are a bunch of shots from my trip to Scotland and England in October


Gaudi's Temple - Barcelona

Hi folks,
After waiting an hour or so (not too long as we visited Barcelona in the "off" season) we entered Gaudi's Temple.  After paying nearly $100 for all of us to get in, we were herded around the perimeter like so many cattle.  Photographic opportunities were at a minimum as I was unable to move to the desired angle.  Nonetheless, I did get a few interesting photos.


Oh those damn tourists...

I caught this fellow mid-gaze outside Gaudi's cathedral in Barcelona.  Housecoat, slippers, and Lizst-hair - couldn't have been a better shot.

300mm; ISO 400; f8


Monserrat - Courtyard

Basilica (apse) and monk's quarters (? - Evan, I'll defer to you on that one).  I believe the tourist hotel is forward on the left.  


Montserrat Abbey

This is the courtyard one proceeds through in order to access the Basilica at the monastery.  


Evening Conversation

Another iPod4 photo.  These statues are located at the National Gallery, Barcelona.


Become A Peddler In Barcelona

Barcelona is a very pedestrian-friendly city.  They are doing what they can to get people to stop using cars. And here's a great idea.  For a monthly fee, you can pick up a bike like this at any number of spots in the city, ride it to where you need to go, and drop it off at any nearby place just like this.  Ethan and I were walking one day in the evening sun and there were long shadows flowing through the small piazza and folks were strolling and pigeons were eating.  It was a beautiful scene to end the day.

This is also on iPod4 photo.  PS3 editing including noise reduction, Ilford film (125 ASA), neutral density, dodging and burning as well as a background blur feature.


Traveler's First-Aid Kit

A little experiment here:  I took this with my iPod 4, HDR setting, edited on PS using a Ilford HP4 400 film, tonal contrast used selectively, some silver reflector effect and a wee bit of cropping.  Oh - and a bit of blue filter.


Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town (on the island of Ibiza, east of Valencia on the Mediterranean Sea) has an ancient fortress perched atop the harbor.  From it, one gets fantastic views of the ocean and the surrounding city.  It was very difficult to capture a feeling of the entire city, so I chose to use the 300mm and capture just a part.