In the Cascades


Lily said...

I didn't even realize you had this 2nd blog! Great B&W!

J. Evan Kreider said...

I'm big on diagonals, so I like the strong lines created by the valley in the background, as it seems to follow the angle of the scree. Against that is the sturdy flat outcropping of rock.

One suggestion, one point of true darkness and one of true light would create even more drama. Not sure how to do this in Elements.

Ken Bryant said...

There is a bit of useful atmospheric haze here, useful because it gives a sense of depth. The way to increase the spread -- to make the distant trees lighten, as distant trees do in the haze, and nearby trees darken -- is to play with the balance in the green and blue channels. Basically what's happening in the haze, I'd guess (look at the color to confirm) is that the distant trees have less luminance in the green and more in the blue; and vice-versa in the unhazy foreground. So to bring out the depth, raise the luminance in the blue channel, and drop it in the green. You should have black sharp near trees and light hazy distant ones.