The Biblicist


J. Evan Kreider said...

This type of unposed shot appeals to me, likely because I lack the courage/skill to get people to pose. The soft lighting of the lamp reflects nicely from the papers, highlighting his face. I initially wished the dark lamp in the foreground were missing, but it gives a good sense of depth, of looking in on a private moment. Finally, it's always nice to see a scholar smile while studying.

Tony Funk said...

Smiling...this guy was a real piece of work. Guests would have rather informal times of discussion at the Abbey. During one particular discussion about something "New Testamentish" this guy would stop talking, kept interrupting, interjecting, yes - vocally ejaculating (!). He had to be right on every point. I sat, silently amused and saddened. Later that week, as I was walking up to my room (stairs passed by the library) I saw said fellow sitting in the library. I raced and got my 1.4 50mm, peered around the banister and took the shot. The picture was originally in colour, but it was so orange. I have a colour version that corrected well, but I found that B&W made the whole thing less distracting. I too wished there were no lamp, but after painting it with a particular plug-in (Nik software) I considered it worthy of your website (!) .