January in New York

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J. Evan Kreider said...

OK, I guess I don't understand this shot. It is busy, with various strong parallel lines, particularly the verticals and the rows of windows eventually going to the vanishing point. I wish that the plywood form was not so domineering, because it creates a blank space covering about 1/5th of the shot, whereas the buildings have more interest. The workers show promise (action, motion, in parallel with some of the photo's lines), but they are barely seen. If only the top worker had been doing his job and was looking at the beam rather than the photographer, his eyes would take us to the point of action rather than back to the unseen camera. I've been returning to this several times a day, enjoying thinking about, and what might be changed. But we all know that many shots have to be taken quickly, and the actors are not posing for us.