Fire Escape Graffiti


Ken Bryant said...

Underexposed. I know, I'm in a cranky mood tonight...but if you're going to include that structural stuff on the right, then we need to see some detail in it. If you're going to give us the wires, then give us enough contrast to see them. That could be done quite nicely, I suspect, by substantially increasing luminance in the blue channel: the sky (which looks like it must have been blue?) will brighten right up, while the wires will stay dark.

Another way to approach the shot though would be to get up quite a bit closer, focus on the area around the graffiti, and carefully bracket exposures until you get one that just pushes the white paint to the right. Then in postprocessing play with curves to get all the detail you can in the gradations of grey on the surrounding wall.

RIght now you're trying to point us in too many directions at once: Is it a picture about the graffiti? Or about the wires? Or about the cupola thingy, which is the only other high-key element?

Assuming it's about the graffiti, consider shooting wide-open with the camera back in the same plane as the graffiti -- so that everything back of that is out of focus.

J. Evan Kreider said...

Thanks so much! Actually, the picture was about frantic clutter, grime, the hidden underbelly of the city--the bits politicians don't want Olympics visitors to see--all being a jumble that is only barely juxtaposed with the clean modern tip of the tower towering (which is what towers seem to do best) over this chaos but not being able to penetrate or fix it.

But you have suggested other ways to see and shoot (and process) it. I admittedly made it far too dark, being in a somewhat dark mood and all. I think I will now return to Lightroom and rework things, at least for myself.

J. Evan Kreider said...

It's not a good exposure. HDR will have to be part of my future.