And This Is Love

Today, as I was making lunch I happened to look at the back patio door and there lay my two favorite barn friends:  Peanut with his trusty sidekick.  And who says we can't get along, anyways?


Whitemist said...

The very best of combinations!
A dog and a cat, together they canconquer the world, or at least the barn!

Mark Kreider said...

The peaceable kingdom in photography. They seem to be thinking very similar thoughts. These two should be the AoBW's mascots.

I find three textures, the graininess of the door frame, the stone in the stoop and the pressed gravel beyond pleasing.

J. Evan Kreider said...

I also think that the lightness (whiteness) of the dog really sets up the photo beautifully, acting as a highlight/foil for all the rich black surrounding it.