Faces from Powell and Market, San Francisco, taken with my new "street camera", Sony NEX 5n


Ken Bryant said...

I love this new camera! 16mp, APS-C size sensor. Small, lightweight, inconspicuous, almost silent (no mirror). NOT an SLR, has very innovative viewfinder, including option to view finder vertically while camera pointed horizontally -- i.e., like a medium format camera: very inconspicuous. Takes Zeiss lenses made for Sony mount!!

Not giving up my D3 (in fact, standing in line for a D4) for studio stuff, but also going to add a Sony NEX 7 and some Zeiss lenses, for my "street photography".

J. Evan Kreider said...

Which lens did you get, and are you using the vertical viewfinder? I didn't see it mentioned on the reviews. Nice shots, by the way. This really lets you get informal expressions, true to life. I think I will try my Canon S-95 for this kind of street photography--less obvious.