Lily Robinson said...

Looks like my dad's den! Very interesting subject. My eye keeps being drawn back to the shelves.

Mark Kreider said...

There is so much here for me. You know how I fix and build and create. It's wonderful just how much of it comes from these jars... the ones that will be sold for 50 cents a boxful when the time comes. This photo makes me want to look into each can, jar, box and Chinese takeout container. I just might find the very thing I've needed and couldn't find for so long. I'd give anything to know what cassette tape is in the mini-boom box. There's about a 15% section of pie chart of someones life right here.

This is a photo that leads to flights of speculation and fancy far beyond the image itself.

Thank you. I needed that!

Barbara/myth maker said...

A place for everything, and everything in its place. And to think that someone knows just where "it" is. A fine black and white.