This one is probably cheating on the rules -- let me know if it should go. It's a "cold tone" rendering, with everything desaturated but the blue. I thought it was a good comparison piece with "Molly" -- I like this one better, myself.


Amir Honarmand said...

It is some how nice and I feel I have to look at this photo in depth it is really nice
thanks for sharing

J. Evan Kreider said...

I don't mind the desaturated blue. I like the action, the cropping, the clarinetist's eyes and smile. When enlarged, we see the present limitations of digital work with the white pixels or noise, but there is quite possibly no film that can be sufficiently "pushed" to capture motion under this lighting. If film could have been used, its grain would likely be fantastic. This shot has a sense of some grain, which I enjoy.